Comic actor Victor Osuagwu has informed his son that his mumu is going to be more than his and that will bring him more money than he has as he congratulates him on his graduation.


The actor shared a video with his second son who is graduating and as part of his congratulatory message said he’s going to behave more dump than he is in most of his movies and that will generate more money for him and he will be richer than him.

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Being an obedient son and never wanting the blessings of his father to go away, the boy responded with a big amen accepting that he would be more mumu than his father has ever been and that means he will get more money than his father ever had.

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Netizens reacting to the video didn’t find anything wrong with the prayer the comic actor said for his son saying if being mumu more than him will give him money, then there’s nothing wrong with that since money is what we all are thriving for.

The boy is the exact carbon copy of his father and even though in the video he looks somehow shy, we are sure he is more jovial than his father is if not he wouldn’t have said such a prayer for him and also on camera for the whole world to witness.

Video below;

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