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Your first salary of the year should go to your parents not pastors – Mr Jollof



Popular Nigerian Comedian, Mr. Jollof has dished some words of advise to those who send their first salary of the year to their pastors as seed money.

It is a common practice for Christians in Nigeria to sow seed at the beginning of the year with their first salaries, but Mr. Jollof has cautioned them to stop that.

According to him, instead of people to give their first salary to their pastor as seed money, it is better to give it to their parents.

The comedian said that such gesture would be in their favour as it will bring more blessings to them more than a pastor who has more than the person is offering him.

He however added that if it will be an inconvenience to give out their January salary, the person can use it to attend to financial issues.

Watch him speak HERE