Media personality Latasha Ngwube has lashed out at comedian Alibaba after his recent comment about how Nollywood actresses make their money.


According to the media personality, comedian Alibaba is not a suitable person to talk about the topic of how actresses make their monies.

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Latasha stated that there are a lot of male actors who also indulge in the wrong things and also engage in illicit sexual activity with older women for money and even men. However, she sees the approach of the comedian, Alibaba as an attack on women which is on called for.

Meanwhile, comedian Alibaba has called out Nollywood actresses over their source of income as he exposes one of them he had an encounter with in Dubai claiming to be hardworking.

According to him, he had an encounter with one actress in Dubai and it turned out that she was sponsored by a big man yet she shared photos online to give pressure to the young one as if she worked her butts off to get to where she is now.

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Angrily, Alibaba asked how many movies have these actresses been doing that they are having such a luxurious lifestyle but then he didn’t dispute the fact that there are a few hardworking ones who afford everything they have now through their own hard work and not the support of any big man.