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Young man loses job, properties after unknowingly renting ‘evil’ house in Lagos



A young Nigerian man simply known as Emmanuel Noly, has narrated his unfortunate experience after renting a house in Lagos.

According to him, the apartment he rented was an ‘evil’ one and as such a series of tragic events started to occur in his life.

Sharing his story via Twitter, Emmanuel said he moved from grace to grass in a space of just three months

He said that he lost his job the same week he moved into the house and sold his car as well as other properties.

Nonso also said that he was in huge debt and the entire situation pushed him into depression.

He revealed that he had to return to his parents and start afresh after losing everything.

Emmanuel wrote; “Omo, I am a victim of evil houses in Lagos… the same week I moved in, I lost my job, sold my car and ran into serious debt. Sold my properties and went into serious depression. I went back to my parents house. Everything went from 100 to zero within 3 months. JUJU IS REAL.”

“When I started tracing the root of my problem, I confirmed that the guy downstairs I moved in the same date with is also experiencing the issues. I left my 8 months rent there and my things and ran back to my parents house with deteriorating health. I will share the address soon.”

Simlarly, social media influencer and entrepreneur, Cross has revealed what he found hidden in an apartment space in Lagos.

The tweep said he just rented the place and decided to break the tiles to refloor it only for the tiler to find a fetish substance underneath.

Cross shared photos of the ‘juju’ looking item which he said was sent to him by the worker.

He asked the facility manager about it and he was told that a woman who lived there before the last occupant is the one who buried it. He then asked social media users for advice on what he should do.

Cross tweeted; ”Took a space in Lagos recently, didn’t like the flooring, so I decided to break the tiles and add flooring amongst the renovation I was doing there. My tiler sent me these images yesterday. Said he found them buried under the tiles😩😩

Asked the facility manager and they said twas a woman that left before the last guy that used the space. Advice? If you can, always renovate. Change the floor and the POP. Humans are weird in this part of the country. It’s fine if you don’t believe in juju and stuff tho.”


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