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Young lady sheds hot tears after her pet dog tore her $100 bills to shreds



A young white lady has cried her eyes out after seeing her what her pet dog did to the money she kept at home.

She kept some 100 dollar bills and a few currency somewhere in her house, but the dog found it and are most of it up, while the others were torn to bits.

In a video she posted online, she captured the condition the notes were in and showed the dog’s face after the dastardly act.

The lady was rendered totally speechless and her eyes were full of tears. The dog could not look her in the face as though it realised that it did something that devastated its owner.

See the video below:

hunnie_berrie; Awww Forget the lady 😢. this dog cried his heart out see her face 😂😂😂

mozzylyon; $100 bill for naija na him dog piece like that , I honestly will want to kill dis dog in a terrible way dat will please me rather dan eating it . I fit electric shock dat dog 😂😂😂😂

mz_bella_876; The bank won’t replace it..stop it 😂😂😂 the bank doesn’t mind taking a bill thats already torn and retape with clear plastic tape..but once the serial number and the money is completely shredded like in the vedio its a loss..just get rid of the dog..lmao 😂😂

m_bryan566; Sell the dog and get half the money or more, simple maths o 😢

official_finesz; I laff well well if na 9ja the dog for done craze since

nevidabeautytouch; And the dog is still alive can never be me 😂

omotoks_signature; In fact the dog go hear am

victorjoseph8673; I don sell that dog since

ugochukwuonuoha46; This dog still get mind to be alive and sitting on chair hmmm,Oyibo😂😂

In related content, a brief interaction between a police office and a motorist’s dog has sparked reactions from Nigerians on social media.

The motorist was driving with his dog in the car when the officer stopped him at a checkpoint on the road. It reportedly took place in Ogoni, River state.

But before the policeman could start interrogating the man, his dog began to bark viciously at the officer, thereby instilling fear in him.

The security agent was forced to make a friendly pleas by saying that it has not gotten to the point of aggression.

”E don reach like that? we are together,” he said while the dog continued barking.

The animal seemed ready to jump out of the car to attack the policeman but its owner prevented such from happening.

He was eventually permitted to drive off without being search or asked to present his car papers.