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You’ll overwork yourself here, it’s not Nigeria where you relax at work – UK-based lady warns



A Nigerian lady residing in the United Kingdom has enlightened her countrymen on the challenges they will face if they move abroad.

The woman simply known as Tope said that anyone seeking to travel to America, Canada or any European country should prepare themselves to work long hours and spend most of their money paying bills.

She said there are available opportunities in the UK, but as an immigrant it may take a few months to get it so the person would have to do menial jobs.

In a video she posted online, Tope revealed that she worked as a cleaner, in a factory and as a care giver after she arrived in the European nation.

She urged her Nigerian brethren to get a backup plan as they prepare to travel out because abroad life is not easy.

According to her, the cleaning job was so stressful that she quit after three days, as there is only 30 minutes break throughout the working hours and the person is expected to be cleaning round the clock without stopping.

She further stated that some friends told her to stop advising people to prepare for hard times in UK, noting that they wanted Nigerians to experience it themselves.

Watch the video:

In reaction, Instagram user leeeymarrh wrote; Mummy rest …let us come and witness too

amandachisom_; All of us no go run. Some of us go stay here and protect una ancestral home.

remmychanter; Abroad is not for people like me 😂, Naija sweet abegi 🏃🏃.

emmanuelchijiokeosigwe; Thanks for the update. We will plan better and have a B incase A fails.

bowakunz; What was ur backup plan ma 😏 #motivationalspeakerisonu

sunkanmi_omobolanle; We still Dey come 🙄

rudyislife; Madam dey go night shift😅😅😅😅

In similar news another Nigerian lady was captured on tape lamenting over the hassles of living and working in Europe as immigrants.

She said that being in any European country is not as blissful as many people back in Nigeria may have been led to believe.

The young woman showed off what she does for a living and explained that it is what puts food on her table.

She could be seen packing hay with her hands which she said would eventually be carried to another location by a machine.

According to her, ‘Europe no easy’ and if she were in Africa she would probably not be doing that type of job.

She emphasised the need for persons like herself who are in Europe, to tell their countrymen that the continent is not hassle-free.


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