Actress Eriata Ese has advised Nigerian men who lie to women looking for true love and happiness just to have them, to stop reminding them that they will also have daughters someday.


Eriata Ese posted rebuking men who don’t treat women nicely saying it’s so bad and they don’t have to always deceive a woman with love just because they want to have her for weeks or months reminding them that they will also have daughters someday.

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According to Eriata Ese, if these men want to play their games, they should avoid sensitive women who are looking for true love and happiness asking why it always interests them to toy with women who are vulnerable at that point looking for true love.

Eriata Ese then advised that they should develop the habit of saying what they want from day 1 and if it doesn’t work they should move to the next available woman and not lie that they want love when all they want is to have the woman for weeks or months.

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She then moved to the women asking them to avoid bad guys and care more about what will give them peace, respect, attention, and love than what will make them happy for a moment because the bad boys know what they like and want to hear.

Eriata Ese then opened the eyes of women saying not everyman who says they like you want to give all that to you for a lifetime and as a woman, you must know what will keep your sanity intact and not go for what can sometimes lead to destruction.

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