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You must arrest me – Man confronts bank staff after N180k mysteriously disappeared from his account



A man has been captured on camera causing a scene at a popular bank after a huge sum of money was deducted from his account.

It was gathered that N180,000 mysteriously disappeared from his account so he stormed the bank to lay a complaint.

He lashed out at the bank security and customer service officer as they tried to clm him down while he was shouting in the banking hall.

The security man has asked him to make way for another customer to be attended to by the bank staff but he continued ranting.

He went as far as challenging them to get him arrested because he was not going to leave the bank until the N180k was fully refunded.

Watch the video below:

Similarly, a Nigerian comedian known as Chineke Boy created a scene at different banks when he visited them to file an unusual complaint during working hours.

He stormed two different banks to query them for not sending him text message on his birthday, as he mentioned that all they know how to do is deduct charges and VAT from customers account.

The content creator said that he turned a new age the previous day but they did not remember to celebrate him like other banks did.

In a video making the rounds online, he could be seen in the banking hall shouting at security and customer service to have his account closed with immediate effect or send him a text message on the spot.

The moment he said this, other customers in the hall burst into fits of laughter, including some bank staff.

There was a point that he ranted so intensely that people started singing him a birthday song.

However, at the end of the whole drama, he announced that he was a comedian and judt wanted to cause stir, after which he exited the bank.