Nigerian music promoter, Kogbagidi has thrown shade at an unidentified person in a recent post on social media.


Kogbagidi who was dragged and tackled by sensational artist, Portable in public where he demanded for his car and accused him of ripping him of his money after using him took to his Instagram handle and said that being born in the dirt is a stain that may not be possible to clean.

Sharing a photo of himself, he pointed to the fact that the pig loves to fight in the mud and when you fight with him, you get dirty hence he will not fight with a pig.

“You don’t wrestle with a pig in the mud. You both get dirty but the pig likes it 👌. If you are born in the mud. You are gonna be dirty and people don’t understand that.
Not only do we live among Stars.
Not only do we make Stars.
Stars live within us ✌🏿✌🏿
Ejeh Kogbagidi Noni,” he wrote.

Meanwhile, a young girl could have landed in the hospital or morgue whilst trying to demonstrate the different styles they adopt when in bed with well-to-do men for iPhones.

The unidentified Ghanaian girl was in a room with her friend and she revealed that each iPhone model has the position they employ for that and she demonstrated the various positions for iPhone 5, 7s, 8, and X.

Her friend filmed the demonstration and she was so happy dishing out the explicit content in a video perhaps knowing guys and girls should see it but whilst demonstrating the last style, she strained her neck and nearly got it broken.

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