Controversial concert promoter Kogbagidi has posited that it is not a good idea to wrestle with a pig since it’ll simply bring dirt.


However, this follows a tense argument between the promoter and Portable, a budding singer who claimed to have been duped by him.

Sharing a snapshot of himself on Instagram, Kogbagidi stressed that being born in the mud is a stain that may be impossible to remove.

He wrote: You don’t wrestle with a pig in the mud . You both get dirty but the pig likes it 👌.
If you are born in the mud . You are gonna be dirty and people don’t understand that .
Not only do we live among Stars.
Not only do we make Stars .
Stars live within us ✌🏿✌🏿

Ejeh Kogbagidi Noni❤️📌

..... garnered some mixed reactions from fans and below are some reactions gathered.

lolafaduri_duchess: Kogbagidi 👏👏👏 Well said Ejeh

leeman_hot: Describing PORTABLE with few sentences

darc0vibe: I know you are busy with something but pls am not begging you for anything am a content creator I need support pls check my page ❤️❤️

iamifeoluwabunmi: Lobatan 🙌. It is finally confirmed now that the ship is no longer moving safely (if I’m right). In a nutshell, issues dey ground. It is well bro. All the best to you 🙌

iam_cantona_: Motivational speaker 😂😂😂

thatbigbuttgirl1: A word is enough for the wise😂😂😂😂 Agba😍❤️

iamtrinityguy: You too much ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

quanbwoy4vs38: 😂😂😂 we understand who get those captions….ma lo far 😂😂

darch___: Portable is watching you