The Inspector-General of Police (IGP), Dr. George Akufo-Dampare, has told officers not to detain more than 25 persons in police cells.


He described the practice as outdated during a tour of several police cells with his staff.

“You can’t fit 25 people in there.” What we mean is that regardless of who is involved, whether he is a suspect, criminal, or whatever, that person’s humanity is comparable to ours, and we cannot deny that person’s dignity.

“We have to be very humanistic because it could happen to any of us,” he said, adding that “we need to push the agenda of this cell over-population is eradicated.”

In addition, the IGP asked the officers he employed to be completely honest about the issues they were confronting.

He argued that the only way to develop a formidable security service is to recognize problems and take action to remedy them.

“We did not come to discuss a problem with you. We’ve identified a systemic problem and want to address it. So be honest with us and put an end to this old mentality policy of defending it. “It’s not going to help anyone,” he said.

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@taadibanyinbagh wrote; I am glad he is living up to his title ‘inspector general’. I hope his active general inspections aid him to figure out the ills of the police architecture and service and that afterwards, he becomes bold enough to fix that which he identifies. So far so good!

@Kwabena Alby wrote; Yes that’s the problem in ghana..we always have ways to cover the systemic failure so when u talk about it the leaders will deny bcus there’s no ‘proof’. Imagine he putting just 25 and not accepting any beyond that. In health and education its the same