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You can’t go scot free – Lady fumes as her gateman wrecks car she told him to wash (Video)



A Nigerian lady dropped her car with the gateman for him to wash but he decided to drive it and ended up crashing.

She lashed out at him for damaging the entire front bumper and tyre of the ride which she left in his care.

The incident took place in Owerri, Imo state, and the young woman vowed that she would not allow the gateman to go scot free.

She said; ”Can you imagine? my gateman just spoilt my car, I dropped this car and he went to drive it.

You can’t go scot free, you can’t go scot free, is it a crime to park my car in this compound.”

Watch the video:

In reaction, wearsbyijoba wrote; Baba wan go show girls for area 😂

officialtheema; Madam tire sef don finish, all the thread has melted…Smh😂

tinywale; Madam look at ur Tyre , that Tyre don already chop! Repair it and change ur Tyre’s

____vint_eed; This one too na wash

princeharida; Ha!!!! I could have kill a lot 😂

Similarly, CorrectNG reported weeks ago that a security man has landed in trouble after he attempted to perfect his driving skills with his employer’s car.

He caused a dent his madam’s SUV while trying to learn how to drive out of the compound in reverse.

The gateman reportedly waited for his madam to go out and he used that chance to test drive the whip but it ended in disaster. He hit the back bumper on the gate and it almost came off.

In a video recorded by the woman’s child and posted online, someone could be seen inspecting the damage done to the vehicle.

Meanwhile, the gateman stood frozen at a distance and watched in silence as someone believed to be a member of the family assessed the level of damage.

He folded his arms across his chest because he realised the grave error he made by driving the car.

”POV: Your gateman used your mum’s car to learn how to reverse when she wasn’t home”, the caption read.