Music producer, Shizzi has charged at singer, Teni describing her as an ingrate after the latter who was formerly signed on to his label claimed he had no vision for her career.


Shizzi called out Teni accusing her of taking the ‘Case’ song he originally produced to another producer who reproduced it and released after which she left his record label.

She wrote;

I ran for a better life. You should thank me for picking my future over your lack of vision. My generations will thank me, I did it, I made a mark in my own little way, because I didn’t wait on little promises. Sending you love still. Can’t lie na magic fingers you still be.

Teni in her reply said admonished Shizzi to thank her for picking her future as her generation will thank because she made it. She bragged that she made her mark in her own little way because she didn’t want on little promises.

Shizzi clapped back advising her to repent from her dirty ways.

You better change your dirty ways, many victims dey! #ingrat

Shizzi’s wife, Coco Benson jumped to his defense stating that Shizzi gave Teni a chance but she is being ungrateful.

`Teni stop it right now. Waste your life?! Shizzi gave you a chance first and rather than be grateful, you step on everything he tried to do for your ungrateful self so stop the cap for the world to see. Was it not you in our home almost every other day making music with him?!`