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You begged me to allow you sing all the verses now you’re crying – Carter Efe drags Berri Tiga



Nigerian content creator, Carter Efe has replied singer, Berri Tiga after being called out for not giving him due credit and royalties on their song, Machala.

Carter said that the artiste was not supposed to be the only one featured on the hit song, as as it was supposed to be Berri and Hotkid.

However, the comedian said he asked the producer to remove Hotkid because Tiga cried out to him that his ‘shine’ would be stolen.

He called out the music act being being ungrateful and crying out on Instagram about being ripped off even though he has been helped in different ways.

In a series of posts on his Instagram story, Carter revealed how someone introduced him to Berri’s sound.

He also recalled how Tiga showed appreciation to him after his Instagram followers increased to 10,000.

Carter Efe said that he would not sit silently and watch as Berri tries to tarnish his reputation while still expecting them to be friends.

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CorrectNG reported earlier that she singer called out the skit-maker, claiming that he tried to buy his silence.

He said that Carter Efe and skit-maker, Sydney Talker tried to pay him off the hit song, Machala which they recorded together.

Berri alleged that both of them offered to pay him N100,000 to leave Machala for Carter after he had earlier revealed that he wrote and sang the song from the beginning to the end.

He lamented over how the comic act does not carry him along and fails to also post him on Instagram.

In a new video posted on social media, the musician explained how Sydney and Carter called and made him the N100k offer, but he found it insulting.

He said that the skit maker offered him 95/5 percent returns on the song, but he renegotiated 70% and 30% royalties.

According to Berri Tiga, his management contacted him after finding out the issue he was having with Carter and they tried to negotiate again.