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Yezidi captive of ISIS is rescued



Wafaa Ali Abbas, 21, was rescued yesterday from Al-Hool camp in Syria. She is from Kocho village in Sinjar. She was kidnapped in 2014 and rescued from lsIamic State (ISIS) captivity in Al Hool camp in Syria after eight years.

Wafaa is one of the girls who fell victim to ISIS on August 15, 2014. Throughout these years, Wafaa has endured much suffering, tragedy and torture in ISIS captivity.

Wafaa’s father was also a survivor of the mass graves in Kojo village. Now Wafaa’s family lives in Canada. The fate of her brother is unknown to this day.

Wafaa Abbas was kidnapped and ensIaved with 7000 Yezidis by the Islamic State in 2014, while 10,000 were victims of ISIS after refusing to convert to lsIam.

2716 Yezidi women and children are still missing.