Nigerian actor, Alesh Sanni Ola has admitted that relocating to the United States where he currently lives has changed his life.


Alesh made this disclose after a Twitter user asserted that Nigerians living abroad are not better than those who stayed in Nigeria.

According to the man, except for photos they took in the snow, many people have returned to Nigeria after 20 years abroad to realize they haven’t progressed better than their contemporaries.

..... reads: ‘Except for pictures taken in the snow, many have returned for holidays after 20 years abroad to realise they haven’t progressed better than contemporaries who never left. A stud earring and chewing gun loudly at 50+ doesn’t cover the embarrassment’.

Reacting to this, Alesh urged the man to speak for himself and stop generalizing, adding that his life is now better after leaving Nigeria.

Speak for yourself pls …… I’m better now than before oooooo. if you know, you know abeg … yankee changed my life baba miiiii