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Yahoo boys celebrate as their colleague takes delivery of new car after cashing out



A group of suspected cyber scammers commonly known as Yahoo Boys have been captured on camera rejoicing with their colleague who bought a car.

They young men broke into freestyle dancing and singing while ‘washing’ the new whip with powder.

Apparently the new car owner had just cashed out from a foreign client and he decided to spoil himself with the ride.

In a video posted on social media, the Yahoo Boys were singing about their job as fraudsters and they gave hints on the type of scam they operate.

Some were dancing inside the car which had been covered in powder while others were outside.

Watch the video below:

Meanwhile, the moment an internet fraudster commonly known as Yahoo Boy discovered that he was being played by a colleague was captured on tape.

He tried to defraud client he believed is a white person but was left disappointed after finding out it was a Nigerian.

In a video making the rounds online, the Yahoo Boy was speaking with the ‘foreign client’ over the phone and lied about being terribly ill.

He claimed to be admitted at the hospital, so the supposed client offered to send money to sort out his medical bills.

The boy then probed to know how much the person intends to send and the client said 1,000. On hearing that, the scammer jumped up and almost started rejoicing before he quickly comported himself.

He asked if it was 1000 dollars, but the client apparently said no. He then wondered if it was 1000 pounds or euros that he should be expecting, but the victim who was probably trying to scam him too said it is N1,000.

On hearing that, the Yahoo Boy was shocked that he had to ask the client where they live and that was when the person mentioned Ikorodu.

He immediately stood up feeling disappointed and angrily ended the call. All the while he was talking over the phone, the Yahoo Boy did not realise that he was being recorded.