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Woman welcomes baby girl after her only child prayed for siblings (Video)



A Nigerian mum has shared a video story showing how God answered her son’s emotional request for siblings.

In a video she posted online, the boy returned from school wailing and told his mum that he wants a baby brother and sister.

The kid who was still in his uniform cried on the floor and rolled in tears as his curious mother approached him to find out what the problem.

Seeing how emotional he was, she asked if someone had teased or mocked him about the fact that he’s an only child, but the little boy could not answer.

His non-stop crying also triggered an emotional outburst from his mother whose eyes were full of tears.

She advised him to pray to God to give him a sister and brother, but moments later, he hugged his mother and left the sitting room.

Towards the end of the clip, the woman revealed that God answered his prayers and gave him a little sister. She showed off the baby girl moments after birth.

Watch the video below:

@derafrancis468 Kids can really make one so emotional This Cute kid refused to be consoled because he wanted a Baby brother or a baby sister#deraofotown #fruitfulwomenpray #fyp #mustbeviral #kids ♬ original sound – EVERYTHING ANNY NG 💕🎉❣️

Meanwhile, a young Nigerian woman recently melted heard when she appreciated her elder brother by buying a brand new Hyundai for him.

She took to social media to share a video which captioned her visiting the dealership to search for the car.

The sister eventually settled for one black Hyundai car and paid for it in full after which she and some friends drove it home.

In the viral video, she decorated it with a gift ribbon before taking the new ride to their family home. Their mother saw it first because she came out of the house when it was arriving at their house.

Her brother then came out of the house to see his chasis gift and he instantly became teary-eyed. The mama lifted her hands up in praise and thanked God for the blessings upon her kids.

The lady said that he changed her life since he returned to Nigeria from South Africa as he supported her business and did some other notable things for her.