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Woman watches in surprise as her husband sprays money on only his younger wife (Video)



A video which surfaced online shows the moment a man who married three women showed preference for one.

They all attended an event with him, wore matching outfits and sat together as entertainers thrilled guests.

While the event was in high gear, the man began to spray money on the younger wife, who is believed to be the most recent. He did that non-stop and it got the attention of the senior wife who kept staring in disbelief.

The husband did not pay her any attention as he continued to drop the money on the other wife’s face and she was packing it inside a polythene bag.

Watch the video below:

In other news, a Nigerian man lamented over the complications in his marriage after discovering that his wife is having an affair.

He sought advise from netizens on how to handle the matter of his wife of nine years being unfaithful probably because he has a baby mama.

The husband said he travels from Abuja to Canada and back on a regular basis, and his babymama is based in Canada. His wife and children are based in the Federal Capital Territory, Nigeria.

In an effort to prevent her from finding out about his double life on social media, the man who fathered 3 children with his wife, informed her of his baby mama with whom he welcomed two kids.

He said that he found out she is cheating on him when he checked her phone after some suspicions and he confirmed his fears.

Feeling confused on what to do, he went on line to ask for advise and suggestions on the way forward for him.

He wondered if leaving her is the best line of action because there is a belief that once a woman cheats things can never return to normal.

Read his write-up; ”Hi. Would love to know what people think. Please keep anon.

I travel back and forth Abuja and Canada. My wife of 9 years and three kids, based in Abuja, is cheating on me. I was suspecting this but then, I managed to hack into her phone to confirm this. Although I love her, I’ve got a baby mama in Canada who has 2 kids for me. I had to tell my wife in Nig cos nothing is hidden in this era of social media. Could my wife be cheating on me cos of this?

If that is the case, what’s my best course of action, leave her cos they say once a woman cheats, it’s over. Or should I do everything I can to convince that I still love her?”


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