After the woman lit a fire intended to burn only her ex-boyfriend, she and her ex-boyfriend both received third-degree burns.

The incident occurred in the state of Abia.


When Oluchi learned that her ex-boyfriend, who had lately dumped her, was marrying another woman, she lit him on fire.

The ex-boyfriend managed to bring Oluchi close to him as the fire devoured him, and she was also consumed by the flames. They were rushed to the hospital with third-degree burns and survived.

Footages circulating social media shows Oluchi and her ex-boyfriend lying on makeshift beds on benches along the hospital corridor.

As the crowd converged around them, some rebuked Oluchi for going too far to cause this upon her ex-boyfriend and herself.

Watch videos below:

In other news, a married woman has taken to social media to share her dilemma after her husband disowned his son and accused her of infidelity.

The woman whose identity was not revealed at the time of filing this report reached out to popular relationship coach, Momoza, for advice as she claims her husband accused her of cheating on him with another man.

According to her, her husband saw the manh00d of his son that is bigger than her husband’s own so he thought he is not his son. She lamented that their son now stays with his grand mother because his father has been maltreating him in the house.

“Hi Auntie Momoza. Please post as anon. I’ve been married to my husband for 13 years and we have two boys aged 15 and 8. Our marriage was perfect until our first born reached puberty. His manhood has grown handsomely to a point that it’s bigger than his father’s.

My husband is now claiming that the boy is not his son. He says I cheated on him with a foreigner 15/16 years ago. When I say we must do paternity tests he tells me non ending stories. My boy stays with my mom now because his father was treating him differently.

Now I’m scared because my second born is approaching puberty and by the look of things it’s gonna be bigger than daddy’s. I don’t know how to deal with this problem because he doesn’t want to do paternity tests. Please help.”