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Woman secures release of husband who was arrested for brutalising her



There are strange stories about people in love that leaves others asking unanswered questions, such is the case in for a woman who was suffers battery at the hands of her husband.

She reportedly bailed her husband when his kinsmen abandoned him after he got arrested for assaulting his wife.

An NGO, DPA Family Law Clinic, had ensured the man’s arrest when the woman cried out for help sometime back. However, they were shocked to learn that the same woman has gone to get him out of the station.

According to the organisation, the victim’s sister said she paid 10k to secure her husband’s release because if he is taken to court, they will jail him and she will be all alone.

It was also learnt that she is the breadwinner of the family, who takes care of him, pays bills and even handles the rent because her husband is unemployed.

DPA FLC shared photos of the woman’s badly bruised body at the time the complaint was filed and wrote;


We got her husband arrested and detained for beating her. His kinsmen refused to come to bail him out. They said he should die there. Guess who went behind us to bail him out? This is how the woman’s sister narrated it to us:

“My sister paid 10k to bail the husband because his people refused to come. She said that even if they take man to court that he will still end up in prison and she can’t bear it. She had been the one paying all bills including rent because he’s not working”.”


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