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Woman divorces husband for always forgetting her birthday



A woman has reportedly ended her marriage because she feels unappreciated by her husband who never remembers her birthday.

She divorced him because he always forgets the day she was born, and even when she reminds him, the man shows no interest in celebrating her.

The woman shared her story on TikTok and it was reposted by @ThISisLULE on Twitter.

According to her, the wife accosted her husband for always forgeting her birthday, andshe told him that it bothered him.

But the man did not apologise, rather, he berated her for making a case out of it and stated that she’s unrealistic and selfish for expecting him to always remember.

She also apparently found out that Siri notified him on the morning of her birthday but he chose not to care. The woman finally decided to get separated from her husband.

..... reads; ‘‘Some woman posted 2 months ago about her husband often forgetting her birthday. And he never remembers mother’s day. She finally told him a few days ago that it bothered her and he told her she’s selfish and unrealistic to expect him to remember so now they’re separating.”

A tweep @blythlie commented; No man who cares about you will ignore things that matter to you. He could literally just set a reminder??? I’m happy for her.

In response, @THISisLULE; In a later post she said she found out (I don’t know how) that Siri had reminded him the morning of her birthday and he just decided not to acknowledge it.

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@thatdamnbrook; Iyanla said it best, you don’t get to tell people how to love you, you get to see how they love & decide if you want to participate in that because we all have choices. I’m glad that woman decided to choose herself because he chose to dismiss & ignore what was important to her.

@Mthobysy; Imagine divorcing someone because they forget your birthday. They remember to buy groceries, pay bills, take care of you etc but you just want a lousy “Happy birthday to you” 🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️

@SMPhungula; Over a freaking birthday? A random day that you happen to be born. You had absolutely no say in it, you achieved absolutely nothing to be celebrated on that particular day. It’s just like any other day. Nothing is fundamentally unique about your birthday. Y’all like drama.