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Wisconsin Democrat Senate candidate: Biden’s illegal migrants should be awarded immediate citizenship 



Jump the queue. Break the law, thumb your nose at American sovereignty, and you will be rewarded handsomely. That’s if Democrat candidate Mandela Barnes — who has supported “abolishing ICE and is backed by radical groups leading the abolish ICE movement” — gets his way. And he’ll have the full support of the Biden administration in working toward this.

The Biden administration has opened America’s borders to unvetted, illegal migrants on the taxpayer dime, after destroying the American economy. And while most countries have sensibly ended COVID mandates, Biden still has them going, with an exception for illegals.

We all know why Biden is rewarding illegals and why Mandela Barnes is advocating for their immediate citizenship: votes.

“Debate: Barnes Admits He Favors ‘Immediate’ Citizenship for Illegal Aliens,” by Wendell Husebo, Breitbart, October 13, 2022: 

Wisconsin Senate Democrat candidate Mandela Barnes stated during Thursday night’s debate that he favors an “immediate” path to citizenship for illegal migrants crossing the southern border.

“What would you suggest for their pathway to citizenship?” the moderator asked.

“We should process them immediately into a path for citizenship,” Barnes responded. “We need to make sure people who have been here, people who have been working, people who have been contributing, should have a path to citizenship if they so choose.”

Barnes then accused Republicans of “fear-mongering,” which has delayed “comprehensive immigration reform.”

“But the issue has been so demagogued — again, the fear-mongering that is being used as a reason why we do not have comprehensive immigration reform,” he said about Republicans. “They want to scare the hell out of everybody on this issue. It is only making people’s lives worse, making lives more difficult, and it’s contributing to a more inhumane system.”

Barnes has supported abolishing ICE and is backed by radical groups leading the abolish ICE movement. He has also pushed for permitting illegal immigrants to have access to driver’s licenses and in-state college tuition….

Democrat policies have led to almost two million migrant encounters by border patrol, a 20 percent increase since fiscal year 2021. Border patrol apprehended a then-record-setting 1.6 million migrants in 2021. Many of those encountered at the border have been released into the interior and sent to Florida on more than 70 different planes….