Gay activist Bisi Alimi has asked the question that might be on the minds of a lot of people wondering why God is punishing us for a fight He has with the devil.


The great controversy between God and the devil that involved man is one that we all never understand and Bisi Alimi has taken to social media to think out loud wondering why God is punishing us for a fight He has with the devil.

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Bisi Alimi posted asking who else is thinking about why God hasn’t defeated the devil since creation and also why God is punishing us humans for a fight that He has with the devil that occurred a very long time ago.

Bisi Alimi then rubbished it before someone attacks with saying what even concerns an agbero with overload like him but his thoughts and questions weren’t wrong at all as it might have crossed the mind of a lot of people.

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But unfortunately, this is a question we humans will never be able to understand on our own unless we get the chance to meet God Himself then we can ask him why He didn’t defeat the devil since he has all the power and ability to do so.

Bisi Alimi and all those who have these questions wondering why God never defeated the devil since and why He’s punishing us for a fight he has with the devil along with some other questions will just have to keep wondering until the second advent to ask God Himself.

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