Life coach and writer Solomon Buchi has made a U-turn over the specifications she wants in the woman he wants to spend the rest of her life with.


An old tweet of Solomon Buchi hit online where he was giving specifications of the woman he wants to marry. He disclosed in his tweet that he desired a woman who is the most beautiful and intelligent in the whole world.

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Reacting to his own tweet, he said, “2020 tweets, dig up. People evolve: people relearn & while theoretical knowledge is fantastic. Experience can make you see gray areas. You cannot shame me for outgrowing an old ideology. Nahh. We all evolve and I’m not ashamed to tweak my stance. It’s not hypocrisy; it’s growth.”

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In other news, Solomon Buchi has advised people never to marry anyone who doesn’t believe in therapy and counseling. According to him, a person in his or her right sense should know that at a point in their lives, they need wise counseling from a wise counselor.

In his words, “Don’t marry someone who doesn’t believe in therapy and counseling. You need someone who knows when it’s wise to seek wise counsel from someone else. It takes humility and shows accountability. Again, if they don’t believe in therapy and counseling, sorry.”