A Nigeria writer and a feminist, Olabisi Adigun has taken to the streets of micro-blogging platform, Twitter to share one side effects of dating a rich man.


Olabisi Adigun asserted that dating someone with money is nice but that comes with stress especially if you are not on the same level with him.

She cited an instance where the man buys you a MacBook and while you’d like to get him something nice too, you can only afford basic gifts and the lunch occasional lunch.

See her tweet below;

See some reactions below;

It has really never been about the gift. In true love, the intent supersedes, except of course, you’re dating “nonsense”.


And when you ask them what they want, They would say “ anything is fine baby “ and then you are back to square one.


Then sell the Mac Book to buy him a Mac book he will know what to do to make u rich once he knows u sold ur prop to make him happy 😂


It can only be stressful if he doesn’t appreciate little things period.
A man who really loves u would appreciate even the smallest gift u get him.


Most Nigerian girls don’t want to buy anything even. They are relationship jobers who feel their men should always buy them something for no reason.

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