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The name Christian was started in Antioch where people saw the life of Jesus disciples and name them a Christian,

Christian means Christ like or like a Jesus Christ, they saw how Jesus disciples are behaving very good, amiable and amicableness, then they said this people are like Jesus,

Therefore Christianity is not a religion but it is an expulsating of the glorious life of Jesus in a human person,

Christianity is a relationship between God and his people, his people will communicate with him through prayers and he will answer them,

When they seek him they may find him, when they ask in his name he will give until them and when they knocks at the door he would upen unto them which is written in Mathew 7:7 

Christian are not slaves to God but a heirs sons and daughters of the most high because in John 1:2 the Bible said for them that accept Jesus Chris as their personal saviours he gave them a right to become the children of God,

God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son of the spirit that who so ever believed in him shall not perish but have everlasting life which is written in John 3:16,

God created a man to represent him on Earth because be gaves him a Dominion over all creatures,

He other Adam to name the all creatures according to his wishes,

God gave man knowledge and experience than all creatures that is to show you how God loves us,

Jesus will by no means make us a slaves because he loves us since from the beginning he said if we have faith like a mustard seed will command the trees and mountains to move from one place to another for the will obey us,

Elijah was a man like us but he pray earnestly not to be rain for three and the half years and it was done, and later command the rain to fall and it was so,

The last and the most interesting things is that Jesus said in John 15:14 Jesus said you are my friends if you do what so ever I command you,

Jesus shows Christian’s the mysteries of heaven they know the secret of heaven they are not in darkness but a light that is shining and radiating without ceasing,

Hitherto Christianity is not a religion but  a relationship with God.thanks comment and follow me for more updates.