Nollywood actor, Emeka Amakeze has urged guys to let go of that mentality that when a woman offers them s.ex, it is a way of appreciating them for being kind towards them.


In a tweet that has sparked a debate on social media, Emeka Amakeze kicked against the idea that s3x is a reward for being a nice guy or spending on a woman.

Responding to Emeka’s tweet, a user identified as @thesachet intimated that no one told them s3x is a reward for their kindness towards a woman, it is a mentality they hold on to.

Reacting to this;

tosanwumi wrote; “Some ladies, when a guy show small care , they mistake it for love .. then boom 💥 they dash you their body, guys please learn to say no”

sohighxy wrote; “This one is talking in the nonsense! I no come lagos to be mister nice guy… nothing goes for nothing”

holuwaconquer wrote: “Until dem bill u countless times shogbo . U wont v choice but to ask for it … 😂😂😂😂😂😂 E get level wey billing dey reach . U go want reward for ur kindness but lets sha go off that mentality m just b kind 😂😂😂”

tonyfrank wrote; “My Issue be say why people Dey always feel so entitled of frequently asking for Favour after you’ve helped them once or twice..”

tobbylobar wrote; “Well, girls have shown that when there’s money they can be vulnerable so I’m not putting all the blame on guys for having such mentality.”