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Who Is Katelyn Jae Brown? Everything About Kane Brown’s Wife



Katelyn Jae Brown is an actress and musician famously known as the wife of the American singer and heartthrob, Kane Brown. This 30-year-old, originally from Philadelphia, is an ideal wife and mom of two beautiful baby girls.

As we said, besides being the wife of a singer, Katelyn is in the music industry herself. Yes, she had quite a successful solo career before getting married in 2018. Also, not many know that she graduated from Berklee College of Music. Well, she did in 2019. Looks like Katelyn is much more than just a sweetheart to Kane Brown.

Therefore, in this article, we will dive deep into the life of Katelyn Jae Brown. So, who is she? Did you know that she started singing at just 3 years old? Sit tight, because we will know the answers soon. So, without delay, let’s get started.

Katelyn Jae Brown is from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Kane Brown’s wife Katelyn was born on 19th June 1992 in Philadelphia, PA. This Philly girl spent most of her childhood in the town of Chester Spring and graduated from Downingtown High School. However, very little is known about her family life during the early days. We do not have concrete information on her parents or siblings.

Katelyn Jae Brown, Kane Brown. Source: Instagram/Katelyn Brown

Regardless of this, we believe that Katelyn’s childhood was pretty decent. She also has had a deep interest in music since a very young age. At just 3 years old, Kane’s future wife got a Karaoke machine; this is when her talent was first recognized. Following this, Katelyn Jae’s parents enrolled her in vocal and piano classes. Little did she know, this was the beginning of the greatest music career ahead.

Acknowledging her talent, Katelyn started studying at West Chester University pursuing a degree in Music Management. However, she soon dropped out and later, in 2019, graduated from Berklee College of Music.

Katelyn Jae Brown & Husband Kane Brown Know Eachother Since 2015

The beautiful Katelyn and Kane Brown have a love story out of a fairy tale. Following their first meeting at Brown’s first-ever concert, the lovebirds shared a bunk together and lived on a tour bus after, before announcing the relationship to the public in 2017.

Katelyn and spouse Kane are the parents of 2 children
One big happy family! Source: Instagram/Kane Brown

However, Katelyn had a missed encounter with her future hubby initially. As it turns out, she was supposed to meet Kane through a music producer in 2015 but due to conflicting schedules, she could not. Also, the love of her life was supposed to star in one of her music videos at the time; this was the reason for their missed meeting as well. But it all worked out for the best when these two met at Kane’s music show.

After a year of being together, in January 2017, the power couple announced their relationship to the public. In a Facebook post, Kane wrote,

“I know a lot has been going good for me this past year, but being away from my family and friends, it’s been tough. Luckily I found my other half.”

After just a few months of this, the American singer asked his future partner to marry him; this is a very interesting story on its own. Kane had planned a full romantic proposal but the level of excitement was so high that he asked a day before, that too, while watching a horror movie. Brown popped the BIG question to Katelyn Jae in the middle of watching, The Amityville Horror. The engaged couple then walked the red carpet together at the 2017 CMA Awards.

Following the engagement, Katelyn and Kane got married on 12th October 2018 in Nashville, surrounded by their close family and friends. Some scenes from the actual wedding are also shown in Kane’s music video of Good as You.

Katelyn and Kane are the Parents of 2 Children

After a year of marriage, Katelyn and Kane welcomed their first daughter, Kingsley Rose Brown, in 2019. Kane announced the good news of the couple’s first pregnancy through a post on his Instagram.

He wrote,


Similarly, recently on 30th December 2021, the couple welcomed their second child. Kodi Jane Brown is the younger sister of Kingsley. Both Katelyn and Kane kept the news of pregnancy a secret and directly announced the birth of their daughter on Instagram.

Katelyn Jae Brown has two beautiful baby girls
Kane’s wife, Katelyn Jae, with their daughters. Source: Instagram/Katelyn Brown

Today, both Kingsley and Kodi are the centers of their parent’s world. Katelyn and Kane constantly post pictures of their baby girls on their social media handles.

Katelyn Jae is a Singer Like Her Husband, Kane Brown

As mentioned earlier, Katelyn had a successful solo career in music before marrying her famous singer-husband. Like Kane Brown, she is also recognized as an R&B/Pop music artist.

Kane’s wife first came into the spotlight in 2012. She was part of a non-scripted singing competition show, Take the Stage. Not only a part, but Katelyn won the 2012 season of the show and was awarded a huge cash prize, along with a contract with Wright Entertainment and YOBI TV. Following this, she joined the training at the Florida Compound Music Industry boot camp organized by John Wright.

In addition, Jae released a music video in August 2014 which became the biggest hit of her career.

Today, Katelyn and her husband have collaborated on a new song, Thank God. This song was released recently in September of 2022 and has gained a lot of love and popularity. Within just a week of its release, Thank God got 16k downloads and 11.6 million US streams. As well as that, this song finally became Katelyn Jae’s big break and gave her singer-songwriter rights.

Does Katelyn Jae Brown have a Lavishly Expensive Lifestyle?

Katelyn sure has a pretty lavish lifestyle. With her own career in music, her net worth sits at around $1-2 million dollars. Similarly, her famed husband, who is also a singer, has a fortune of $6 million dollars. The couple constantly shares pictures of their lavish vacations on Instagram as well.

They sure have a life we all dream of having.


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