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When you find a good man, never introduce him to your friends – Lady warns fellow women



A Nigerian businesswoman identified as Meenarh Adewale has penned an advise to women folk about keeping their relationship private.

She said that women should learn to avoid letting their friends meet their man whenever they find a good one.

Meenarh stressed that women should never introduce a good man to their female friends because the enemy of a woman is a woman.

She gave the advise via Facebook, writing; ”When you finally find yourself a good man, never you introduce him to your friends. The enemy of a woman is a woman.”

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In other news, a controversial Nigerian dancer, Jane Mena, has once again set tongues wagging with a revelation about how she attracts men.

She shared a photo of herself on her social media page and a follower dropped a negative comment about her physical features.

He specifically said that her bosom was small in size, but Jane responded by claiming that it is the same body part she used to snatch someone’s man.

The influencer, who is married to Mr Plies, questioned fans for always talking about the same her body in that manner.

Jane went on to say that she will never carry out any surgery on her chest area because it will change her sweet personality.

The fan, ricky48586 commented: You don’t have br***t

She responded; ”Ahhhhhhhh this early afternoon OOOOO. Una no go kee me for this app

Wait what did my small br* do to you people ehn. No be same Br* wey I take collect person man Put some respek on my name oooo. This is the only thing I WILL NEVER TOUCH IN MY BODY COS IF I DO, my sweet personality will change.”