Nigerians have dragged Ghanaian dancehall artist Shatta Wale for claiming that Ghanaians make Nigerian artists popular to the world when they come to Ghana to promote their songs.


Shatta Wale hitting back at Nigerians for dragging him over the comment of not needing any Nigerian artist to sell out his shows made them understand that Ghanaians play a very important role in the lives of their favorite artists and they need to be thankful for that.

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According to Shatta Wale, Nigerian artists come to Ghana for the numbers before they can be recognized by the world and they need to be grateful for that and not try to fight him for saying the truth, warning them not to dare him.

Some Nigerians reacting to the tweet of Shatta Wale have dragged him all over again claiming his post is a result of bitterness pitying him for being angry over nothing refusing to see the point he’s trying to make since it goes against them.

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Some went ahead to drag him asking why he isn’t recognized outside Ghana if Ghanaians are indeed giving their artists popularity forgetting that if they had also given the support Ghanaians give to their artists to our artists’ things would have been different.

Shatta Wale surely has a point in his post and some Nigerians are refusing to see that but if they turn out to give a little support to Ghanaian artists, they will then understand why he said their artists come to Ghana for the numbers.

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