Nigerian Rapper Ycee has commented after relationship expert, Solomon Buchi shocked many with his contentious message to his fiancée.

Solomon Buchi stunned many when he used his Instagram account to write a message to his fiancée, saying that while she may not be the most attractive or bright person, he has made the decision to never search perfection in anyone else.


Solomon Buchi, who also made a commitment to watch over her and shape her, believed that his description of his wife serves as a realistic foundation for true love and as an admission that she isn’t perfect but that he isn’t looking for perfection in her.

Part of Solomon Buchi’s post reads;

I’ve been bedevilled with many pains and anxieties in my 26 years of existence, but with you, my worries dissipate. Literally. The longest time I’ve stayed without a panic attack was around you. Your love heals. You’re my favour and you fit into my forever.

I am proud to be your husband-to-be. I’m beyond enthralled with you in my life. I choose you, Àríké. In the multitude of others, na you. You’re my favour & I never knew how much I needed the beauty you brought until God gifted you to me.

Life is filled with uncertainties, but I’m pledging to keep loving you every day, even when it’s tough and inconvenient. I pledge to put you first and exemplify Godly headship. You’ll be the best version of yourself with me because I am submitted to God, and in Him, I will not lead you astray. I’ve been a purveyor of sagacious marriage values, and I can’t wait to live the reality with you by God’s grace.

Reacting to this, Ycee criticized Buchi and enquiring as to what his lengthy message to his lover meant.

In opposition to Buchi’s viewpoint, Ycee counseled his followers to wed someone who likes them and sees them as the most important person in the world.

Ycee said.

“You people should marry someone that likes you and sees you as the number one person in the world because what even in the f..k is the message?’