Kizz Daniel, a legendary artist from Nigeria, said he always asks a woman’s permission before having an intimate relationship with her.


Remember how Kizz Daniel, born Oluwatobiloba Daniel Anidugbe, carried his female fans on stage at his most recent American performance?

The ‘Buga’ hitmaker admitted that he always asks his female fans before getting close on stage during a recent appearance as a guest on one of America’s top radio stations.

Kizz Daniel asserts that the applicant must be older than 18 years old. Kizz Daniel added that he would check with them to make sure they were okay with him carrying them in that manner.

But when the host of the program asked him if anyone had ever declined, he replied that none had.

Kizz Daniel also disclosed that one of the female fans he carried during one of his performances is currently a member of his team.

He claims that she was hired as a result of him posting her Instagram video and asking her to DM him.

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Also, Kizz Daniel for the first time discussed the death of one of his sons.  

During an interview with one of the major radio stations in America, Kizz Daniel expressed his suffering.

Many introspective questions, including those about his children, were posed to Kizz Daniel. Remember how the artist revealed he had just welcomed a set of twins a few months ago?

He did, however, confess in a different interview that he genuinely welcomed triplets but lost one. Kizz Daniel was questioned regarding his emotions at the time.

His face almost immediately changed when he heard the question because it is a very painful memory for him.

Kizz Daniel claimed that the loss had crushed him and had hit him very hard. For nearly a year, he couldn’t record.

The ‘Buga’ hitmaker said, “I witnessed my son die right in front of me.” He expressed this while crying.

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