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Welcome o! – Man screams in jubilation as Jehovah’s Witness resume evangelism (Video)



A young Nigerian man has reacted with joy and excitement at the resumption of evangelical duties by members of Jehovah’s Witness.

Two people paid him a visit to continue their usual preaching about suspending visitation for two years.

This comes few weeks after a lady visit The Kingdom Hall to ask the church why they stopped visiting people to preach about salvation and end time.

In a video which recently surfaced online, a man could be heard screaming in jubilation on seeing Jehovah’s Witness preachers at his home.

He welcomed them and asked that the gate be opened for them to enter his house and preach.

Watch the video below:

CorrectNG earlier reported how a young lady who is concerned about the noticeable absence of Jehovah’s Witness members from their usual public and domestic preaching, has taken a step to find out what happened.

She paid a visit to the Kingdom Hall of Jehovah’s Witness to inquire as to why they have stopped their door-to-door evangelism.

In a video shared on social media by the lady known as Askia, she gave her followers a live recording of her journey of inquiry.

When she reached Kingdom Hall, the young woman wondered if they had all gone to Heaven and left everyone behind because she could not understand why they stopped preaching about salvation and the coming of Jesus Christ.

Askia entered the premises and met a man whom she then questioned about Jehovah’s Witness hiatus.

He told her that the Covid-19 pandemic and lockdown which peaked in 2020 and caused the shutdown of activities were responsible for their 2-year hiatus.

The man went on to give an important update that they will resume their evangelism this September.