The Governor of Borno State, Babagana Zulum has stated that a staff verification exercise in the Borno State revealed that it was padded with names of babies.


Zulum said the payroll of Shani Local Government Area contained some names of babies.

The money so paid, including salaries and allowances went into the pockets of corrupt officials,” he said.

The governor spoke at the Menwara Cultural Festival in Shani town.The staff verification, he said, was designed to sanitize the civil service by removing the names of ghost employees from the payrolls.

“It was discovered that one family alone has 300 fake employees and if this trend continues, I am afraid, Shani LGA may not be able to pay the monthly salaries of its employees, in future,” he said.

Some people in the area, however, protested the action of the government on the verification.

Reacting to this via Instagram

@iambiggysteve; `Don’t complain sir because In your region you register babies, unborn kids and Cows as voters during election.

@casaangeleshair; `Nigeria my country 😭😭 as we are holding our leaders accountable we should also ask ourselves if we are good citizens and also doing our part in making this nation great ? But i am not sure we are ready for this discussion

@damilolabanire; How do you know they are babies? Who are their parents? After discovery what next???

@gcee2ursoul; `I know two women from my state in delta receiving salaries as teachers but currently working in another place😂😂