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Video: Robert Spencer at Restoration Weekend on the Leftist/Islamic Alliance



November 14, 2021 at Restoration Weekend:

Thank you very much, Mike, for that very generous introduction. And yes, I do have to confess that I am a violent extremist, it’s official now. And the serious point about that, as ridiculous as it is, is that, of course, in all these years, in tens of thousands of posts at Jihad Watch, in thousands of articles, in 23 books, I have never called for, approved of, advocated any kind of violent action at all.

And when we had lawyers write to the Global Internet Forum for Counter-Terrorism that Mike mentioned, and say “This is absurd and you have to retract it,” they said, “Oh no, we’re not going to retract it because, look, if you go to Jihad Watch, it says “Muslims murder 6 people, Jihadi slit throats.” Well, yes, because we’re reporting on jihad activity. But of course, the suggestion was not that we are condoning this violence, but just that to report on it is violence itself because they said it dehumanizes Muslims.
Now I think, well, if that’s true, then here again, I’m not the one doing the dehumanizing; the jihadis are. But their idea is that to speak about these things will lead to right-wing violence because it’s an increasingly common theme on the left that when conservatives say something that dissents from the leftist narrative, that’s violence; conservative words equal violence. Meanwhile, genuine violence from groups on the left like Antifa and Black Lives Matter. that’s not violence; that’s patriotic agitation by the spiritual children of those who stormed the Normandy beaches, and this is seriously what is said about Antifa.

And so obviously, the agenda here is very clear. The idea ultimately is to stigmatize, marginalize, silence and criminalize, any speech that dissents from their agenda. And make no mistake, it’s not going to end with me. If they can call me a violent extremist, you’ll be a violent extremist next, until ultimately, the only voices that can be heard in the public square are those on the left. Now, what’s ironic about all this is that it has unfolded at a time when I have been increasingly thinking, well, really I’ve been barking up the wrong tree for 25 years now because, well, I’ll tell you a story.

People tease me sometimes because I don’t generally tend to watch movies that were made after 1948, but I saw a new movie recently. It’s called The Godfather; it’s very good, I recommend it. And in it, if you’ve seen it — I don’t know if you’ve caught it yet because it’s only been out 50-some years. If you’ve seen it, you know that there’s a time when the godfather, Don Corleone, is shot, and then later on, he has a meeting of all the heads of the mob families. And then as they’re leaving this meeting, he’s talking with the people that he’s with about who had him shot.

And one of them says, “It’s Tattaglia,” who’s one of the rival mob bosses, and he says, “Tattaglia is a pimp. He never could have out-fought Santino. It was Barzini all along.” And I thought it was Barzini all along, that’s the story of my life. I have been, for 25 years, so many years now, alerting about the jihad threat. And now it turns out that the left and the enemies within are a far greater and more imminent threat. And so I feel like I’ve been fighting Tattaglia and it was Barzini all along.
But actually, it all goes together and it has actually long been known that the jihadis never would have been able to advance as far as they have if it weren’t for the help and cooperation they received from the left in the United States and in Western Europe. And this is no accident. The left, as you know, is embarked now, and it’s fully clear, on a sinister totalitarian agenda. And there is no mistake about that.

When Merrick Garland, the Attorney General of the United States, sets the FBI onto school board meetings because the school boards are supposedly being threatened, when actually, there’s nary a single threat that has been uttered against the school boards, it’s just that people have dissent it from the critical race theory agenda and the [trans] and all that business agenda that they’re forcing into the public schools, and parents are angry and rightfully so. They go into the school board meetings and they’re angry and now they’re domestic terrorists.
And it’s the same thing with the January 6 business. We’ve seen the videos now, they opened the doors. The Capitol Police opened the doors of the Capitol building. They invited in these people, they’re walking around taking pictures and now they are domestic terrorists. And they’ve been in solitary confinement for months. It’s a national scandal, but it’s very clear what the agenda is. They want to ultimately make it a criminal offense to support the former president and to oppose the agenda of the current regime. That’s what this is all about.

Now, imagine if you were, yourself, a globalist internationalist, socialist authoritarian, like the people who are running the country right now; and you are looking around at the world and you are thinking what we want to do is maximize the benefits for our own little circle of oligarchs and control the public discourse entirely and eliminate all dissent from the society. Now in the realm of religion, where can we find a religion that lends itself to authoritarianism, has no Democratic tradition and discourages questioning and dissent. Now what religion might that be?
And so it seems to me to be no accident. As the communists say, “It is no accident, comrade,” that all this has happened; that after 9/11 — 9/11 was the best thing that ever happened to the global jihad movement, because then the Islamic advocacy groups that were already well placed and influential in the United States and in Western Europe, they were able to put forward the narrative that Islamophobia was the big problem.

George W. Bush said it on September 17, 2001; 6 days after 9/11, he stood in a mosque in Washington, D.C. in front of Nihad Awad of the Hamas-linked Council on American-Islamic Relations and [Abdul Rahman al-Amoudi] of the American Muslim Council, who is now serving 23 years in prison for financing Al-Qaeda. And he said, “Islam is peace,” but he not only said “Islam is peace.” He also expatiated at length on the alleged fact that innocent Muslims were being victimized in the United States in that6 days after 9/11.
And he said, without any evidence whatsoever — and it turned out not to be true at all — that women wearing hijabs were being harassed and they were having their hijabs pulled off and that innocent people were being threatened. None of it was true, but the bulk of his address on that day was all about how we have to make sure to be nice to Muslims and to understand that they are essentially the real victims of what happened on 9/11.

And that has become American public policy, that Islamophobia is such a big problem that the irrational hatred and fear of innocent Muslims is such a massive problem that we have to make sure that Muslims are represented in government; we have to make sure that our counter-terror efforts do not shade over into Islamophobia, which means essentially we can’t have any counter-terror efforts because we can’t have any that address the ideological roots of the problem, because that offends Muslims, since it’s all embedded in the religion; and we can’t have any counter-terror efforts that actually confront these influential groups that are already embedded in power in the Washington power structure. So all this — all these years, we have been focused on fighting Islamophobia.
In 2011, as a matter of fact, the Obama administration eliminated all mention of Islam and jihad from counter-terror efforts. And he constructed a program called CVE, Countering Violent Extremism. Now, does that ring a bell, countering violent extremism? What did Mike start out talking about? Who are the violent extremists? Once you remove all mention of Islam and jihad from counter-terror, then you’ve got to find some violent extremists. And they’re not your friends from the Council on American-Islamic Relations and all those guys. So who are they? They’re us.

And so you have the global socialist internationalist authoritarian elites pushing the idea of Islam in the West because Islam — Muhammed, the prophet of Islam, is supposed to have said, “Obey your ruler even if he is an Ethiopian with a head like a raisin.” Yes, that’s a real quote. And the racial — racist aspects of it aside, the idea is that you just do whatever the ruler wants, even if it’s so extravagantly absurd as to have an Ethiopian as the ruler. And the Quran in Chapter 5, verse 101, says, don’t ask questions; asking questions has led some people to lose their faith. So you don’t ask, you just go along, you accept everything.

Now it doesn’t have to sound like the perfect kind of religion that if you are an authoritarian who wants to eliminate political dissent and criminalize it, it’s just the one you want to encourage. And what have they done in the United States? The construction of mosques? The Muslim population, they have skyrocketed in the United States since 2001. And any kind of questioning of the mass migration enterprise and any kind of scrutiny in terms of counter-terror efforts is stigmatized as Islamophobic. So you have it all working together perfectly. You have a massive increase of Muslims in the United States and of course, they want to destabilize and weaken American society, and ultimately, cause its downfall so that an authoritarian state can be instituted; and then they have a population of people who were taught to be docile and accept what the rulers want no matter what.

There was no trouble from the Muslims against the Soviet Union in all those Soviet republics, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, [Kurgistan], you never heard about them fighting against the Soviet Union. They had no trouble accepting the authoritarian leader ship. And one of those people who was born in Kazakhstan and was educated in Moscow, and who wrote her thesis on Karl Marx’s economic theory has been nominated by Joe Biden to be the Controller of the Currency, which is the position of regulating the banking system in the United States.
And this person, Saule Omarova, has — is on video saying that what they want to work toward is the elimination of private bank accounts; and all the private bank accounts will be closed and all the money will be controlled by the Fed. And then you will just get the money that they think that you are entitled to and no more. Well, that’s obviously how a Marxist system works. And she’s going to be Controller of the Currency, she’s been nominated. Given the state of the Republican party, she has a very good chance of being confirmed.

Meanwhile, there are the Afghan migrants, the refugees. We were told, we have to take care of these Afghan refugees who helped us. They were the interpreters and they helped out the U.S. military while we were in Afghanistan. Okay. So 124,000 Afghans are coming to the United States; they’re either here now, or they’re on their way, 124,000, and that’s just what they’ve admitted to. Now, let me tell you about them. 124,000 Afghans, right before we left Afghanistan, we abandoned the Bagram Air Base. The disaster that was the departure from Afghanistan could have been entirely avoided if we had kept the air base, and gathered all the people there that we needed to get out, while the military was still there in force and get them out and then get the military out. I’m not a military man, I can figure that out. It’s not rocket science.
But we abandoned Bagram Air Base and there was a prison there full of ISIS and Al-Qaeda guys. And so the Taliban came in not long after and they opened the gates of the prison. Not long after that, you had the long lines at the Kabul Airport of people trying to get out, get onto the American planes. Now, let me ask you, who do you think got on the American planes? Well, you will say, well, the interpreters and the people we knew. No, actually Alejandro Mayorkas, the Department of Homeland Security Secretary, has admitted that most of the people who were interpreters and special immigrant visa applicants did not get on those planes. And meanwhile, there’s a big crush to get on the planes.

So imagine if you are ISIS or Al-Qaeda and you are ruthless and you are violent, and you are strong and you were trained as a terrorist, how hard do you think it’s going to be for you to get to the front of the line and get on one of those planes? And if you think that that couldn’t happen, consider this. Congressman Darrell Issa not long ago went over to Camp Al Udeid — the Al Udeid Air Base, excuse me — in Qatar because there is Camp [Sethlia] right near there where a lot of the refugees are being processed before they’re brought to the United States. And they wouldn’t let him in to the camp where the refugees are. So in the first place, you got to wonder what’s going on in there, that they don’t want him to see?

But secondly, in the course of his discussions with military officials at Al Udeid Air Base in Qatar, they told him that 12,000 Afghans had already been brought to the United States from that place, even though they had no ID whatsoever. And so Biden’s administration, they’re telling us, these people are all vetted, you don’t have to worry, they’ve all been vetted. And yet they don’t know who they are. They don’t have any ID. How are you going to vett somebody you don’t even know who it is. The idea is, is that they’re vetting them against known members, lists of known members, of jihad terror groups, but these people don’t have any ID. Of course, there was also an explosion of fake identification papers in Afghanistan toward the end. So we have no idea who these people are and then they’re being brought over here.
And then in the United States, they’ve been walking off the bases. At Fort McCoy in Wisconsin, there’s 700 Afghanis who’ve already left. They just walk off and the military officials say, well, we can’t do anything about that, it’s not illegal. We can’t hold them, they’re not prisoners. So they’ve just walked off, nobody knows where they are. They could be out front, probably not, but they could be anywhere. And it’s very likely that some of them are jihadis.

Now, do you think that Biden’s handlers are so abjectly stupid that they did not see this coming and let it happen? I think that’s possible, but I think it’s more likely that they wanted it to happen, that they’re not total idiots, but that this is all part of their agenda because what they want to do is destabilize American society. Jihad terror attacks have the tendency to do that because they terrorize the populous, and then the populous terrorized calls on the government to protect them. And the government will then say, sure, we will protect you, but you’re going to have to give up some of your civil liberties in order to gain that protection. And there we are back again at the leftist agenda.

And so they brought all these Afghan refugees over here. They’re giving them — the stories I see, it’s astonishing. If you keep up with this, it’s amazing. In Kansas City, they’re getting fully-furnished apartments; in Dallas, the fully-furnished apartments come with fully-stocked refrigerators. They’ve got it made. And yet some of these people, it’s very — it’s virtually certain are jihad terrorists. And you may say, well, not all those Afghans are Taliban. Right, some of them are ISIS.

The fact is you’re coming from a society that is a hotbed of jihad activity for many decades now. And you’re also, for that matter, coming from a society where women are inferiors, where women who are not veiled are considered whores, where beating disobedient women is completely taken for granted as acceptable. There have already been Afghan refugees arrested for child abuse, for child sexual abuse, for spousal abuse. What none of the news stories said though was a very unfortunate fact, and that is that probably, I would say virtually certainly, none of these guys who’ve been arrested had any idea they were doing anything wrong because what they’re doing is completely acceptable in Afghan culture and society and it’s all based on Islam.

Islam teaches — Chapter 33 verse 59 of the Quran — if you are a woman who — a woman should veil, so that she is not molested, which the implication then is, if you’re not veiled, you’re fair game. And this is how the Muslim migrants have been behaving in Europe for years now, and how these guys are behaving here. And you have Muhammed with his child bride and he’s the example for all human conduct. So the guy comes here and he sees an attractive child, he doesn’t think there’s anything wrong with this. This is what happens in Afghanistan. So there’s going to be tremendous cultural and societal disruption from these refugees as well.

And this is all, I would submit to you, part of the overall leftist plan to destabilize and weaken American society, so that they can achieve the full authoritarian agenda that they have in mind. And so I could — I should close now. Time has drawn to a close. I will stop here, but I can just say that the last two speakers told very ably, spoke about the need for all of us to become activists or to step up our action. At this point, it’s not too late to save the republic, but it’s all coming down to us. And we all have to act and not assume anybody else is going to do it. Thank you very much.