Grammy award-winning artist Burna Boy and sensational artist Black Sherif have been spotted performing together on a stage while Nigerian fans looked unconcerned.


Recall that Burna Boy and Black Sherif came together and dropped the remix of Second Sermon. A few weeks ago, Burna Boy took to his Instagram story and announced that he will be going on a tour with Black Sherif.

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“@BlackSherif is coming on tour with me. Second Sermon remix featuring me (Burna Boy) is out now!! “You better learn the whole song before coming to any of my shows. Yes, that includes the Twi (a Ghanaian language) parts.”

A new video has been shared on Instagram where Black Sherif and Burna Boy were seen thrilling their fans with their performance, however, the fans were seen looking unconcerned while they performed. The two who are currently on a tour have been seen performing the Remix of Second Sermon together as fans stood watching.

@doreen: Won’t they dance mpo or shake body koraa😂😂😂😂Eii shatta your stone o

@ama_obeng: It’s good blacko is out there😍 but if Ibi true Nigerian love our music anka dem no go stand like statues. Do we Ghanaians understand their Yoruba n Igbo dialects they use? No but we learn n can sing most of their songs. SMH IF they like ours they should too. Fake love

@hoofei_sei: Low key the people just dey stand there oo 👀Damn !!!!

@iamwealthy; The crowd are still observing the silent for minute. Or they are statues😂

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