An old video of Jane Mena in the house of Price Kpokpogri contradicts his claims of being friends with her on the phone aside from been at her shop opening.


Prince Kpokpogri reacting to allegations of having a s.ex tape of Jane Mena claimed aside from he been at her shop opening, their relationship has just been on the phone and her husband is even a friend of his hence nothing like that can happen.

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But some netizens have shared an old video of the two together back in 2020 even before her shop opening and Jane Mena was spotted in the house of Prince Kpokpogri who was welcoming some people into his house.

The video shows they have known each other for a very long time as it appeared Jane Mena was in the house before the guys came in and if that is correct, then it means they have been seeing each other even before her shop opening.

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This video contradicts every single word Prince Kpokpogri said about his relationship with Jane Mena and some netizens think she might have slept with him hence the possibility of having her s.ex tape might be very high.

It appears Prince Kpokpogri is been caught up with his lies, as whatever he says, there’s evidence to prove otherwise just as he claimed he ended the relationship first but it was the other way round based on screenshots shared.

video below;

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