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Video: Moment man’s female bestie asked his main girlfriend to sit at the back of his car



A video which surfaced online captures an interesting interaction between a man’s girlfriend and his female bestie.

The three of them were about going out together in his car when the bestie sat in the front passenger seat.

The girlfriend opened the door and wanted to enter the same place but his bestie told her to go to the back seat.

She jokingly said that she does not like the relationship that her man has started building with his bestfriend.

The main babe eventually complied and went to sit at the back even as her boyfriend was present but he did not get involved in the conversation. When she was seated, the man’s girlfried then noted that she now feels like a housegirl.

Watch the video below:

In other news a young lady has gone online to alleged that her close friend bathed her with acid simply because of a man.

She said her bestie’s boyfriend was toasting her and the lady got to find out, so she decided to make her facially unappealing.

The victim shared a video of her partly burnt face and revealed that the incident happened just hours before she came online to narrate what happened.

A follower asked how she is able to still be walk and do other activities just hours after the incident instead of being hospitalised.

She explained that her mum went to confront her bestfriend to find out what substance she bathed her daughter with.

”My friend poured me an acid because her boyfriend was toasting me,” she said.

The jealous friend revealed that it was bleach mixed with a bleaching oil and kerosene that she mixed together and poured on her face.

”My mum went to her place to as what she poured on my face, she said it is hypo, caro white oil with fuel mixed together,” the victim added.