We have chanced upon that captured the moment some angry villagers killed and burnt ten huge dogs belonging to a school owner.


We gathered that these dogs killed a boy who went to the school owner to search for a job. The story was shared on social media by a Twitter user with the handle, @EfuaIsEnuf.

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..... she made reads;

“A boy went to register at a school and the owner of the school’s dogs(10) attacked and killed the boy. So the village youths killed all 10 dogs and burnt them.”

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Watch the video that captured the moment these dogs were killed by clicking HERE!!!

The video got some reactions and below are some of these reactions;

@ndeme_sung – Wow… How is the owner even having dogs at his home where the school is at all? This is so bad. Arrest the man as well

@St_NickOWT – The owner should be arrested for man slaughter 2nd degree

Source: NgGossips.com