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US Air Force Academy trains cadets to avoid male/female identifiers, bars them from calling people ‘terrorists’



Why isn’t the Air Force Academy focused on training cadets to, say, win wars? I know, that’s a “white supremacist” concept now. It’s clear what is coming for this ridiculous woke Air Force, should it ever have to engage in actual battle with a real enemy. Our pilots will ask theirs what their pronouns are, the hilarity will begin.

“Don’t Say Terrorist: Air Force Academy Teaches Cadets ‘Inclusive Language,’” by Adam Kredo, Washington Free Beacon, September 22, 2022:

The United States Air Force Academy is training its cadets to “use inclusive language” that bars them from calling people “terrorists” or using male and female identifiers, according to an official presentation being used by the elite military school and obtained by the Washington Free Beacon.

The presentation, titled, “Diversity & Inclusion: What It Is, Why We Care, & What We Can Do,” takes cadets through a series of exercises meant to eradicate their use of gender pronouns and reinforce the need for inclusive language that avoids “stereotypes, bias, and microaggressions.” One portion of the presentation tells cadets to avoid language such as “you guys,” “terrorists,” and “colorblind.”

The seminar is part of a larger push by the U.S. military and its supporting institutions to foster what it describes as a more culturally inclusive environment, an effort that critics say is part of a woke cultural agenda being pushed by the Democratic Party’s far-left flank. The U.S. Pacific Air Forces, the branch tasked with confronting China, recently ordered its senior leaders and commanders to stop using gender pronouns in written formats. The U.S. Navy recently published a video instructing its sailors on proper gender pronouns. The Army also mandates gender identity training and trains officers on when to offer subordinates gender-transition surgery.

The Air Force Academy’s seminar mirrors many of the efforts taking place in the military and also at U.S. college campuses across the country. One portion of the course instructs cadets on the proper way to use “inclusive language” in everyday scenarios. The presentation materials say that “diversity and inclusion” are “critical to developing warfighters prepared to lead the” U.S. Air Force and U.S. Space Force (USSF) “with character.”

An Academy spokesman told the Free Beacon this “conversation” with cadets was developed as part of its “Diversity & Inclusion Cadet Leadership Program.”…

Certain words should be avoided at all costs, according to the presentation. “Not The ‘N’, ‘R’, or ‘F’ words, nor ‘Terrorist’ (for nationality; it happened),” one slide states….