The Carabinieri have arrested Pierangelo Pellizzari, a 61-year-old Italian man who murdered his Nigerian wife, Amenze Rita.

On Friday morn ing, September 10, in Noventa Vicentina, 31-year-old Amenze was slain in front of her coworkers in the parking lot of Mf Mushroom, a company where she worked as reported by Ghgossip earlier. READ HERE


After more than 30 hours on the run, the suspect was apprehended on Saturday afternoon, September 11.

The unemployed man was discovered hiding in a chicken cage near his home in Villaga, still holding the revolver in his pocket.

The carabinieri were able to encircle him and apprehend him. He didn’t put up a fight when he was apprehended.

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“We are taking him to the barracks”, confirms Nicola Bianchi, provincial commander of Vicenza.

The Public Prosecutor’s office reported that Amenze was shot four times and one of the shots shattered her face. During the shoot-out, she also tried to shield herself with her arms and were also entered her arms.

Pellizzari fired a shot into the air to secure his getaway as Amenze’s body slid between two automobiles.

The man then casually tucked the revolver into his jacket, got into his SUV, and drove away, according to witnesses.

In other news, the marriage of a Rwandan woman called Marie Josiane to two brothers who are identical twins has generated buzz on the internet space.

According to the lady, she was dating the senior twin who never told her that he had an identical brother. Marie said that she never saw them together in a video shared by Afrimax TV.

Things took a turn when she met the younger twin, hugged and kissed him without knowledge of him being the wrong twin. Luckily, the younger twin couldn’t resist the urge to be with her. They all decided to stay together in a polyandrous relationship after they realized what had happened and live happily.

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Despite the fact that they are both married to the same woman, she also revealed that there is no animosity or envy between the two brothers.

For the past two years and counting, the three have remained together. People say a lot of things to the twin brothers because of their marriage, but they always turn a deaf ear because they are content sharing her. They are expecting their first child in the near future.