Cynthia Morgan has once again hit hard at Jude Okoye cursing him not to have great children in his life until he apologize for what he did to her and all that he has been saying about her in his interviews.


Cynthia Morgan had put this issue to sleep until someone woke up the beast in her with a write up based on an interview Jude Okoye granted and that made her bust out, daring him to repeat exactly what he said in the interview to her face asking him to call Joey Akan to order by telling him the truth.

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Wounded Cynthia Morgan then made other allegations against Jude Okoye claiming he never treated her right because of something someone did to him in the past asking why he signed her if he knew he wanted to unleash his trauma on her.

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Cynthia Morgan then cursed Jude Okoye and Joy saying until they apologized for the atrocities they did to her, they will never have great children come through this world and that shows how hurt she is with whatever they did to her telling them to speak the truth.

Cynthia Morgan is seen as the crazy one since she’s always the one talking after her issue with Jude Okoye and her former manager Joy but she always asks them to tell the truth which means that it’s either they are hiding the truth or just don’t want to speak about it and that’s hurting Cynthia Morgan.

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