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UK: Sunak is ‘big problem’ for some Muslim individuals and groups



It should come as no surprise that Britain’s new Hindu Prime Minister isn’t popular among some Muslims, especially at a time of tensions between Muslims and Hindus. On September 18, Jihad Watch reported that Muslims attacked Hindus who were protesting against earlier violence by Muslims against Hindus. Tensions escalated in a manner that was reminiscent of similar outbreaks in India, rooted in the historic Islamic conquest of the land. The jihad also still rages in Kashmir. While Hindu Prime Minister Rishi Sunak has not yet confronted the issue between Muslims and Hindus in Leicester, some Muslim leaders, along with the Muslim Public Affairs Committee UK (MPACUK), are already attacking him, essentially for refusing to kowtow to Muslims.

They claim that Sunak, as a Hindu, will victimize Muslims. Why? because he intends to crack down on Muslim rape gangs, and will likely show less tolerance for Muslim jihad preachers and their mosques. His Home Secretary, Suella Braverman, has already accurately referenced the crisis of illegals entering by the droves via the English Channel as an “invasion.” While Western leaders have been beaten up by Islamic supremacist lobbies who wield the “Islamophobia” battering ram, there seems to be no fooling Sunak.

Sunak is guaranteed to be in for a rough ride as Islamic lobbies scrutinize him closely. After all, comparisons have long been made between Kashmir and the Palestinians. A Muslim writer last year wrote about the “occupying forces” of Kashmir and Israel that “violate human rights.” The title of his article was “Kashmir and Palestine: a tale of two subjugations.” Of course, the jihad against Israel and the history of the jihad against India, as well as the ongoing rape and forced conversion of Hindu girls, was never mentioned.

With open-door migration policies, expect Britain and other once-peaceful Western countries to look increasingly like war-torn, turbulent lands where the rule of law is little more than a memory.

“Hindu Rishi Sunak is BIG PROBLEM for some Muslims in UK. Here’s How,” Indo-Asian News Service, November 1, 2022:

Rishi Sunak`s rise to the top in British politics has come with its share of `shock and awe`. Sunak became the prime minister of the UK within a month of serious unrest in Leicester — a city of three lakh people known for its inter-community harmony, well, until now. The Muslim-Hindu unrest in a tranquil city ruffled Royal feathers besides creating news across the world. A number of independent inquiries are in the offing over the communal clashes.

Jubilant reactions among Hindus have been documented in detail by the media not just in the UK and India but across the world. Among British Muslims, while some notable personalities have voiced their support for Sunak, influential sections — some with connections with the Left and the Labour Party — have focused on the Prime Minister`s riches, his so-called pronounced Hinduism, his Tory thought as well as foreign policy disposition towards Palestine and India.

A past interview by Sunak on “grooming gangs” — wherein predominantly Pakistani men have been charged, has been dug out. Sunak is seen promising action on a sensitive race issue which has been buried in the UK due to `political correctness` despite its acute criminality.

Even as Sunak remains under microscopic scrutiny, a Muslim organisation has been running a campaign against him. The Muslim Public Affairs Committee (MPACUK) posted a series of tweets between October 24 to 26 — all criticising Sunak. It began on October 24 by saying: “Sunak doesn`t have the support of his own Party`s membership, nor most of his colleagues in Parliament, and definitely not of the country. MPACUK demands a General Election NOW!”

By October 25 MPACUK said: “Here`s our reasons for why the Muslim community should be dissatisfied with Sunak as PM and released a video on why Rishi Sunak is bad news for Muslims.” The committee is also rallying the Muslims to be prepared for elections as it feels general elections in the UK are round the corner.

A day later the MPACUK released another video saying why Rishi Sunak is “bad news” as Prime Minister of the UK.……