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UK: Rishi Sunak blasts calls for more EU migration, hails enormous benefits from Brexit



It would be most welcome if UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak resisted the EU globalists’ suicidal immigration policies, which welcome an invasion of sovereign European nations by illegal economic migrants. These illegals are also unvetted, which provides a perfect opportunity for jihadists and the worst criminals to infiltrate. Irresponsible immigration drove Brexit. Despite Leftist accusations about “racism,” before the invasion, no one complained about responsible immigration. It is the irresponsible open-door system that has overwhelmed the EU and Britain, and led to reasonable frustration that globalists steadfastly ignore.

The invasion of the UK is comprised of economic migrants, not refugees as defined by the Refugee Convention (where a refugee escapes to the first country of safety). Sunak says that he intends to promote responsible immigration based on a two-way street.

Sunak’s statements sound good, but one must keep in mind that he was speaking at a business conference. Many politicians are infamous for their chameleon-like qualities. Sunak’s comments contradict the fact that the UK government vessels and French Navy ships were caught red handed colluding to bring illegal migrants into Britain.

The UK government has for a long time been inventing new ways to try to fool the British public into thinking that something is being done about illegal migration, as the government spends exorbitant amounts of taxpayer dollars for illegal migrants. Meanwhile, France is the greedy beneficiary of dirty money.

If the past is any indicator of the future, Sunak is effectively playing the British public for fools, but it remains to be seen whether he is serious.

“Rishi Sunak fires back at Swiss deal Brexit claims and blasts calls for more EU migration,” by Dan Falvey, Express, November 21, 2022:

Rishi Sunak firmly rejected claims he’s looking to closely align Britain to EU rules this morning as he hailed the “enormous benefits” from Brexit. The Prime Minister ruled out reopening Brexit negotiations with Brussels as he addressed the CBI conference in Birmingham this morning.

He said: “Let me be unequivocal about this: Under my leadership, the United Kingdom will not pursue any relationship with Europe that relies on alignment with EU laws.

“I voted for Brexit, I believe in Brexit and I know that Brexit can deliver, and is already delivering, enormous benefits and opportunities for the country”

He added: “When it comes to trade, it means that we can open up our country to the world’s fastest-growing markets.

“I’ve just got back from the G20 in Indonesia, we’re talking about signing CPTPP, where we’ve got some of the most exciting, fastest-growing economies in the world and we can become a part of that trading bloc, that’s a fantastic opportunity for the UK.”

He took the firm stance after reports over the weekend suggested Britain was looking to adopt a Swiss-style model of trading with the EU.

Such an arrangement would mean paying into the EU budget, accepting greater alignment with Brussels rules, and accepting judgements from European judges.

The Prime Minister also hit back at the CBI’s calls for more migration from the continent warning that voters’ desire for more control of immigration must be respected.

“Part of the reason we ended free movement of labour was to rebuild public consent in our immigration system,” he said.

“If we’re going to have a system that allows businesses to access the best and brightest from around the world, we need to do more to give the British people trust and confidence that the system works and is fair.

“That means tackling illegal migration. And that’s what I’m determined to do.”…