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UK police drop probe into Muslim’s threat to kill JK Rowling



The threat came from outside the UK, and so that’s the end of the matter as far as the UK police are concerned. They never for a moment consider the fact that Britain’s suicidal mass migration policies could easily allow people who want to kill JK Rowling into the country, and the British authorities would have no idea.

Meanwhile, and tangentially, I’ve received quite a lot of death threats lately, and have published screenshots on Twitter, and have not heard a peep from the feds. Nor do I expect to. Why would they care to protect a political undesirable?

“Police drop probe into JK Rowling threat over Salman Rushdie support,” BBC, September 25, 2022:

Police have dropped an investigation into an online threat to JK Rowling, over her support for Salman Rushdie after he was attacked on stage.

The Harry Potter author, 57, had tweeted screenshots of a message stating: “Don’t worry, you are next.”

The same Twitter account had posted messages praising the man who stabbed Mr Rushdie in the US last month.

Police Scotland said the threat was made outside the UK and there would be “no further action at this time”….

The tweet, from an account in Pakistan, was later removed.

A Police Scotland spokesperson said: “Following a report made to police regarding an online threat, enquiries have been carried out into this matter and it has been established that it was made outwith the UK.

“Enquiries are now complete and there is no further police action at this time.”…