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UK: Muslim publication says ‘Muslims should NOT sing the national anthem’



No state can for long survive the loss of national loyalty and cohesion.

“Muslims should NOT sing the national anthem,” 5Pillars, September 18, 2022:

Faisal Bodi of the Islamic Human Rights Commission says the singing of the national anthem by Muslims is a demeaning act of servility and surrender and should be condemned.

I’ve been reflecting on the sudden penchant among Muslims for paying their respects to the recently departed Queen by singing the national anthem.

In the Islamic spirit of Husn al-Dhann I have tried to find justifications for intoning what is essentially a prayer for the monarch. But try as I might I can only find strong reasons for Muslims NOT to sing the anthem.

Firstly, as head of state the monarch embodies all the cruel atrocities and plunder carried out under the British Empire. Granted, this particular queen wasn’t personally responsible for any of that but the institution itself has, at least indirectly, caused immeasurable historical suffering.

These days the monarchy’s role may be mainly ceremonial but there is no escaping the fact that it rests on ill-gotten and blood soaked gains.

Secondly, the national anthem is not a religiously neutral song. It is believed to have originated in 1745 with the Hanoverian supporters of King George against the Jacobite uprising led by Bonnie Prince Charlie. Incidentally, the line “God Save the King” comes from the Old Testament Book of Samuel and refers to King Saul.

The British monarch cannot be divorced from his/her role as the head of the Anglican Church. Since the 16th century they have been conferred with the title of “Defender of the Faith.” Their principal duty is to preserve the primacy of the Church of England. When the national anthem came into being it was this aspect of the monarch’s duty that his supporters were striving to uphold against the more absolutist monarchical ambitions of the Jacobites….