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UK: Liz Truss walks back vow to ‘lead as a conservative,’ heads to Prague with ‘our European friends’



Britain’s new Prime Minister Liz Truss promises to lead as a conservative, but will she really? It was a valid question to ponder at the beginning of her tenure as prime minister in early September.  Truss, who will go down in history as the last British Prime Minister to meet with Queen Elizabeth II for the ceremonial transfer of power, is already showing herself to be a regrettable choice, even among the below-par lineup of candidates to replace the disgraced Boris Johnson. Never mind Brexit: barely a month after she became prime minister, in her own words that were widely reported in the media, the prime minister is off to Prague to “find common cause with our European friends,” that is, to meet with the Emmanuel Macron-led European Political Community. The new group welcomes together both EU and non-EU interested countries.

Truss’ ambitions regarding the EU did not go unnoticed by Brexit architect Nigel Farage, who warned Truss to “tread carefully”:

Farage warned Truss in early September: “The Tories will lose the next election unless Truss stops the Channel invasion, makes us energy independent and boosts the economy through helping small business.”

Truss is showing herself to be no different than her predecessor Boris Johnson, already reneging on her promise to bring the illegal migration problem under control. As part of her election platform, Truss insisted that she would “absolutely” use the Royal Navy to stop migrants crossing the English Channel illegally. And a “military presence would be maintained under her premiership.”

One needs to keep in mind that Brexit was largely driven by bad immigration policy, and yet Boris Johnson did nothing to end the migration crisis.

The Independent reported in 2020:

Boris Johnson promised the public that voting for Brexit and supporting the Tories in the last general election, in order to “get Brexit done”, would lead to a significant reduction in immigration.

However, the facts tell a very different story. In the final set of immigration figures we’ll see before leaving the EU, the UK’s new net migration statistics show it has gone up to 313,000 over the past year to March. This is a rise of about 42% from 221,000 a year ago. The rise was fuelled by the 715,000 people who came to the UK over the previous 12 months. This is a four-year high of migration from non-EU countries, where the UK has tighter controls – controls that will soon be extended to EU citizens. Getting Brexit done has not seen immigration go down; it has driven it up.

Now Truss has not only reneged on her promise to control immigration in the early weeks of her leadership, declaring that “migration is good for growth,” but she’s out to mend relations with the globalist EU as she “seeks her own path back to Europe.”

Truss has already made an unapologetic U-turn on tax rates, amid a storm of criticism that even captured the attention of the New York Times. Prior to election day, Truss promised to “push a ‘bold plan to cut taxes’ and grow the British economy.”

Truss is so determined to get back into the good graces of the EU that she is already pushing to host the next meeting of the European Political Community in London.

Although Truss she was expected to “blow things up” in leading as a conservative, so far she is indeed blowing things up, but not in the way anticipated. Britain can brace for an even worse leftist than Boris Johnson in “human hand-grenade” Truss, as this so-called conservative leader maneuvers in hot pursuit of reintegration with the globalist EU.


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