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UK: Fire chiefs spend $19,500 to paint fire trucks in LGBTQ rainbow colors



News of woke insanity and the cost to taxpayers to implement it in every aspect of society is becoming increasingly commonplace, as populations become exhausted and give in to it.

The foundations of Judeo-Christian societies, encompassing free choice, human rights for all, and dignity, have come to be weak and despised. The West now stands for anything woke and is ruthlessly conditioning children to accept a “stay freaky” narrative, as its zealous Communist and Islamic enemies grow in strength. 

“Fire brigades spend £17,000 on decorating engines in LGBT rainbow colours in inclusivity drive,” by Oliver Price, MailOnline, September 3, 2022:

Fire brigades have been told to ‘fight fires not culture wars’ after it was revealed they spent over £17,000 painting fire engines in rainbow colours.

The colourful paint jobs were approved by several fire and rescue service chiefs across England since 2017 in inclusivity and recruitment drives.

The rainbow flag has been used a symbol of LGBT pride since the late 1970s.

The highest spending fire brigade on rainbow painted fire engines was by Oxfordshire Fire and Rescue Service, who spent £4,320.

This expensive paint job came from the service’s annual budget which was £23.2million in 2020/21.

Dorset & Wiltshire Fire and Rescue spent around a thousand pounds less, paying £3,390 in the last few years.

The service has an annual budget of around £61million in 2022/23, rising from £58.5m in 2021/22.

Spending on rainbow-themed designs on fire engines was £2,284 at Suffolk Fire and Rescue, according to a Freedom of Information request by the Sun.

Suffolk fire brigade’s annual budget for 2019/20 was around £21.5million.

Across the country, around £35,000 more has been spent on rainbow items including flags….

Oxfordshire County Council told the Sun that its rainbow paintjob used on one of their older fire engines contributed to its ‘equality, diversity and inclusion’ goals.

Rainbow colours were chosen by Dorset & Wiltshire to ‘promote inclusivity’ and that the rainbow designs were ‘beyond its operational’….