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UK: Faith leaders warn that Muslim attacks on Hindus could spread all over the country



Jihad Watch has been providing ample coverage of the Muslim-on-Hindu violence in Britain, which is reminiscent of Pakistan and Kashmir. The faith leaders in the UK who are now warning that clashes could spread all over Britain are bang on, but they should have been warning long ago about the need for responsible immigration policies. They should long ago have been standing for Britain’s culture and heritage as a means of preventing exactly this sort of situation. Instead, they perpetrated the fantasy that “dialogue” would solve all problems, while refusing to learn anything about the expansionary ambitions of Islam, thereby enabling those ambitions.

It was only a matter of time before the same maladies that is all too often seen in countries such as Pakistan would appear in globalist-ruled countries, as a result of suicidal immigration policies. Open-door immigration has truly welcomed anyone into Britain and other globalist countries, including jihadists and criminals.

In the near future, sectarian clashes will be out of control in Britain, especially given the fact that the goal of normative Islam is to expand the religion by the sword. One need only look at history, as well as at the state of religious freedom in Islamic countries. As a rule, which has repeatedly played out historically, whenever the Muslim population grows to a critical mass, there results violence, intolerance, and unreasonable demands upon the infidel society. In the West today, the word “Islamophobia” has become a battering ram to beat down critics of Islam and to ensure the slow and steady subjugation of infidels. If Islam is mocked, deplatforming and ostracism swiftly follow.

Even the Dalai Lama once warned regarding Europe:

With too many Muslim migrants, “the continent could become ‘Muslim’ or ‘African.’”

“Only a ‘limited number’ of migrants should be permitted to reside in Europe…“Receive them, help them, educate them, but ultimately they should develop their own country.

Meanwhile, Britain’s newly-minted failure of a prime minister is ignoring the spreading conflict in Leicester while declaring that “migration is good for growth.”

“Ongoing clashes between Muslims and Hindus ‘could spread all over Britain,’” by Gabriella Swerling, Telegraph, September 21, 2022:

Ongoing clashes between Muslims and Hindus threaten to “spread all over Britain”, faith leaders have warned, after 100 protesters descended on a Hindu temple.

A crowd of Muslim demonstrators reportedly threw fireworks and missiles in the direction of police in the industrial town of Smethwick on Tuesday night as the disorder seen in Leicester over the weekend appeared to spread across the Midlands.

On Wednesday night, faith leaders issued a warning that the current unrest, apparently fuelled by disinformation circulating on social media, “will spread all over Britain”.

Police made 47 arrests in Leicester this weekend for offences including making threats to kill, possession of a firearm and affray. Some linked the sectarian violence to a “country-based dispute” after India beat Pakistan in a cricket match in Dubai on August 28, while others have said false claims made on social media triggered the clashes.

The widespread disorder, involving mainly young men from sections of the Muslim and Hindu communities, erupted in Smethwick when a crowd of people gathered outside Durga Bhawan Temple.

Video footage showed the masked and hooded men shouting “Allahu akbar”, with dozens of officers deployed to the area in riot gear in response. No injuries were reported and an 18-year-old has since been arrested on suspicion of possessing a knife….

Police later carried out searches of 10-15 strong groups of youths in the area around the Durga Bhagwan Hindu centre, seizing fireworks and other suspicious objects from several individuals, in what officers described as a “search and disperse” operation. Other officers also used vehicle number plate recognition technology in an attempt to spot cars that may have been in the vicinity of the centre during Tuesday evening’s disturbances….

However, religious leaders are bracing themselves for further clashes. Hindu Council UK told The Telegraph: “Religious leaders have continued to call for calm but the youths… It’s very difficult. You can’t control them. It’s crazy. It’s going everywhere. I can’t bring myself to say that it will come to London because we want to stop it somehow.”

The reasons behind the clashes in Leicester have allegedly been fuelled by disinformation circulating on social media. Earlier this month, false claims about the attempted kidnap of a Muslim teenage girl at the hands of Hindu men were shared on social media – an incident police have since said “did not take place” – as well as unfounded claims of attacks on mosques…..